Guidelines for the Weekly Net of the Fannin County Amateur
Radio Club

Note: The Net meets every week at 8 PM on Tuesday evenings on frequency 145.470.

This is only a guideline and don’t feel as though it has to be followed perfectly. Ad Lib.

Opening the Net

“This is (your call) and my name is ________ transmitting from _________. I will be your Net Control Station for this evening’s weekly net of the Fannin County Amateur Radio Club.”

“Before the net begins if there is anyone that needs to use the repeater or the auto patch please come now.” ((Usually no one will respond and you can begin the net.))

“All amateurs are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the radio club to participate. The purpose of the net is to check equipment, practice some net organizational skills, promote amateur radio in the area and to share information. Again this is (your call) and stations wishing to check in please do so now.”

((Allow a little time and it is probably a good practice to repeat the calls of those who have checked in prior to going to the top of the list. It is particularly handy to keep a hard copy list of the people who have checked in from week to week with their call and name for ready reference.))

((After you feel sufficient time has been allowed for all stations to check in, begin with the top of the list and go through the list allowing everyone time to transmit, ask questions, make comments or whatever is necessary.))

After you have gone through the original list of check-ins, ask if there are anymore check-ins or rechecks. Give the new check-ins and rechecks the opportunity to pass any information to the net or just check their equipment.

The main thing to remember, YOU are Net Control and all conversations on the Net must be cleared by you.

Closing the Net

After you have completely gone through the list of check-ins and rechecks, ask one last time for any addition check-ins. Allow a minute for anyone else wishing to check-in to reply. If there are no additional check-ins, proceed to close the net with following:

“Again this is (your call) and thanks to everyone who checked in tonight. This weekly session of the Fannin County Amateur Radio Net is closed and the repeater is returned to normal use. Thanks and 73 to all from (your call).

At this time clear any additions links between the three repeaters if they were linked together at the beginning of the net.

Remember these are just guidelines. Ad lib and enjoy the process of being Net Control.